Friday, October 10, 2008

Stormin' to Maputo

Sitting on the back seat of a Mozambican bus. Behind, a second bus on dodgy tow. In front a guy with a colostomy bag - seemingly at death's door. On either side people. A crush.

A flash in the distance, a far off storm. More flashes, rumbles smothered by the struggling engine.

Instantaneously, a singular bolt of lightning rockets from the sky and earths in the red dirt.

The flashes multiply. The lightning forks. First to the front, then to the side.......then all around. Rain drops appear on the windscreen, but again noise is muffled.

Bolts of electricity more stark, impressive and multiple then I have witnessed eject all around. The instant discharge seems anything like an instant. Staring out the window your vision jumps to the next flash... and the next - a reflex reaction, instinct triggering base emotion.

"She's electric" plays on the stereo. A huge smile on my face as we ride the storm into Maputo.

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