Saturday, October 25, 2008

London Town

A timely reminder from 5am in the morning in what is in effect my home town. After 4 years directly and pretty much my whole life indirectly around this place I've finally realised what I am going to miss most about London - that is when I bail like most half-sensible people....

....namely that I shall always miss the opportunity of walking across a great city from top to bottom just to get home. To know where you're heading (more or less). To never really feel threatened. In a nutshell to feel at home transversing one of the true metropolises of this world and simply love doing it. After a good hour and a half's walk to finally cross Waterloo bridge and stare at the unique view. Savouring it. Lapping it up. 4.45 am, yourself and the view.

Glorious and to be most decidedly missed!

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