Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blimey I'm in Burma

A quickie update to say that 10 days in this wonderful country have treated me just great.

It is by o means an exaggeration to say the people here are the sweetest and friendliest I have ever met on mass in any place on earth. It simply knocks you back, rather stupefied for the first few days. I just hope it is not the sort of thing I get used to or heading back to the bustle of India will be quite a shock.

From a bit of a mad night in Yangon to chilling out at the scenic bridges, palaces and pagodas of the old capital, teaching English in a candle lit monastery during a thunderstorm, via sucking at cane-ball, to where we are now - the majestic temple strewn (thousands and thousands) plain of Bagan - it has been awesome.

Soon enough onwards to the hills and then possibly the beaches.

Safe to say Dave and myself are enjoying ourselves.

Will leave discussions about politics to another time for obvious reasons - very interesting indeed!
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