Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Un Poco de Aqua Blanca

Thought I had to put a couple of photos up from my first white water rafting experience - fantastic!

Despite a severe hangover and significantly less hours sleep then you can count on one hand, I enjoyed the experience greatly. For those in the know, grade 3 and a grade 4 rapids are a bit more than fun to begin your rafting career on, but I did not get tipped under duress - only when and when we chose. As always it is the people who make the experience and Dave, Arnie, a Liberian and a couple of swedes did that job more than admirably.

It was a real adrenalin rush especially when you go down a few metres drop. I am sure my position at the front of the raft added to the experience- a few screechs of "come on you *******". The only perhaps negative but certainly comic issue was that in my state that morning I had failed to bring spare clothes - cue lunch and a few hours bus ride in a skimpy towel! All in all thoroughly recommended.
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