Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Have just left Colombia and am missing it already. The 6 odd weeks I spent there were some of the most interesting and fun I have ever had. Colombia has so much to offer - the friendliest people I have met, awesome scenery, fantastic Fiesta - but most importantly it is the most alive place I have ever been. Consequently I have felt so alive there tambien. Despite some of the sketchiest experiences in my life (news of AK 47's and hostages will follow), I have no regrets other than I have to leave this wonderful country and I say with as much surety as is possible that I will return to this country pronto.

Unfortunately Buenos Aires is far away and hence I am now in Lima waiting for a flight to Cuzco. I suppose one must not complain but it is going to take something special to compare to the country I have just departed.
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