Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Machu Pichu

So the group of Dave, Mik, Chrissy, Arnie and myself spend four magnificent and eventful days completing the Inca Trail. These days lived up to every expectation but for once I do not think I will go into much detail. It is something that most able bodied people can do without too much problem and that should not be in any way lessened by, so to speak, giving the game away. Trekking in sun and rain through some of the most beautiful mountain scenery with impressive ruins a plenty. For me the highlights were reaching the 4,200m pass, seeing a condor glide gracefully and imposingly above (our guide has only seen 2 before in 3 years - muchos suerte), seeing Machu Pichu in all its glory bathed in the first rays of the day from the sun gate and just relaxing with some buddies at the top of Wayna Pichu letting the mind breath!

I would recommend it to anyone able!
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