Saturday, December 19, 2009

Iguazu Falls

Quite simply and unashamably one of the wonders of the world.

In my travels I have never come across a sight that exceeds that of Iguazu falls in majesty or power.
Marking the border between Argentina and Brazil, the watefalls are the result of a differential in rock causing the Rio Iguazu to gather and plummet. For over 2km, this mighty river falls in curtains of frothing water, one level after another, until it reaches the Devil's Throat. This is the gargantuan epi-centre of the waterfall, where the river falls in on itself from three sides and pulverises. Clouds of mist rise and fall. Rainbows abound.
As if more were needed of this place, it keeps on providing. The setting for Iguazu is a tropical rainforest and as we wandered in and around the numerous paths we caught a glimpse of the creatures it contains. No, unsurprisingly we did not see the illusive jaguar or puma, but we did see plenty of inquisitive coati's (a sort of South American rainforest racoon), large lizards, small lizards (including the odd forked tailed one photographed), a plethora of different birds and butterflies. Christina took a particular liking the butterflies. So many varieties of fluttering things and at one point literally hundreds. For me, nothing beat the swifts. They nest behind the mightiest of the falls and like an adrenaline junky on speed, swoop in and out of certain death.

A place to which I return after a four year absence (
One of those places to which I can not imagine but returning and recommend to all.
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