Friday, February 03, 2006

Spellbinding Iguazu

In a similar way to seeing Machu Pichu drenched in the first rays of the day, immersing yourself in the wondrous Iguazu falls is something probably better left for individuals to discover for themselves.

What I will say of the few days I took heading to the very north of Argentina were that they were highly enjoyable and memorable. A good 36 hours on buses over brimming with contemplation, a day at both the Brazilian and Argentinian side getting lost in the seemingly endless scale, power and beauty of water cascading as far as the eye can see, a few hours in Paraguay that strangely reminded me of Asia and some enjoyable meetings with Wolfie, Shaun and Anita. Rarely have I been bought down to the level of shouting "this is just stupid" while laughing and sporting an inane grin. Nothing quite like being driven direct into the falls in a meaty powerboat - ridiculous, but ridiculously fun!

Staring into the Devil's Throat with all its mesmerising and monstrous power, water seemingly exploding within itself as it descends with such force that the collateral damage blocks out any view of the bottom while simultaneously creating spellbinding rainbows (I am sure there is a moral in that somewhere). I lost myself deep in a pattern of thought that such wonders have a unique way of conjuring up in me. This is why I travel, this is why I am alive. JD

p.s. Koatis are cool!!
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