Sunday, June 11, 2006

Shooting Some Roots: Bangalore

After 2 truly manic but generally hilarious weeks of travel from Calcutta to Bangalore (nearly 3 figures of hours on Indian trains etc) I am very slowly getting used to the notion of doing 2 things that I have grown unaccustomed to over the past year:

1. Staying stationary
2. Working

Yes, I will be in one place (barring weekend adventures) for a good three weeks while working for the Parikrma foundation as of manana en la manana. I am not exactly sure what to expect but am looking forward to learning about an organisation that was recommended so highly by Steffi and am happy that no middle-man UK organisation is getting rich from the application. I believe other people working with us will have paid hundreds of pounds for the same opportunity.

So it looks like a bit of settling down is in order. The city so famed for its night life in India is not quite as you might expect as (a) it is in India where nightlife is not a shining quality of the country and (b) the new police chief decided a few months back that too many out-sourced IT hours were being lost to hangovers and hence no fun allowed after 11pm. I know that should be familiar to a Brit with our slowly repealing draconian licencing laws, but here they seem to really mean it.

Therefore a few weeks of watching England progress gloriously through the World Cup (hmmm last nights performance did not worry me at all....honest), becoming a local in pub for said purpose, exploring what the city has to offer, maybe catching up a bit on this blog, and most importantly hopefully being of some assistance to the slum children foundation await.

Aaaaaah, I have all my life to settle down but after 9 months of running around a bit like a happy-headless chicken I am satisfied at a small stationary prospect. I will report on this mega-city of millions, IT wealth, slums, famed medical treatment, congestion and Americanisation in due course.

(The picture shows our front garden - sort of the Oxford Street of Bangalore but with "NO FUN ALLOWED" after 11.30pm grrrrrrghh!)
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