Saturday, June 24, 2006

A bight of Bangalore

By far the most satisfying and enjoyable thing I am doing with my time in Bangalore is the teaching (English and sport, but OK largely playing) of disadvantaged children from the colossal slums of this city. At 3.30 though my day ends and evenings and especially weekends have been spent investigating what this city of "lounges" has to offer. Quite by accident this has lead to a head first dive into the expat scene here for all that is good and bad about it.

Dave and I have met up with volunteers, been chaperoned by spoilt local rich-kid brats, attended french techno nights and after parties (do you remember that Dave), been to ridiculous chiche hotel bars that make me laugh, watched footie in our local with large northern lads, listened to jazz at the Alliance Francaise, and I am even playing for the Refugees rugby team against Indian internationals and tomorrow the army (an expat team predictably and it is fair to say that I am not even the 7th biggest man in the pack).

All in all good fun. But in my last 2 minutes before this internet thing runs out I might mention a typical night - last night....

Start off going to lounge from last week.... too expensive... bail.... go back to good old pub world for a relaxed drink.... 93.3 FM something enter for Kingfisher night.... win downing competition... live on air get revenge at the Bombay Taj Hotel "At the Taj in Bombay they beat us up for being gay" or something like that.... much more piss take of the awful radio... bail... meet some volunteers at silly ladies night at some awful chiche place... dance silly...have fun...taken to VIP area of some silly super rich very average not buy silly priced drinks... raced across city by idiot guy who wants to show us how rich his family are... not impressed... he makes his excuses and looks small... tells how he made his money from renting out stuff... ask where he gets property...parents....even more impressed... ask him if he can help me do the same thing only using my main asset - uni debt...uuuggghh....hmmmmmm... back to where we were meant to go... try to impress us some more by buying loads of rubbish... oh forgot drove like boy racers... told off.... arranged tonight.... sleep....head.....oh people coming round in half an hour...........

...then more rugby in the morning!!!!
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