Friday, February 03, 2006


HERE YOU GO BOYS, thanks Jim!

Here are a few pictures of volcán Villarrica in Pucon, Chile.
Mik and I (Dave!) took a three day detour out of Argentina into Chile to climb volcán Villarrica.

Our journey involved crossing over the two borders a number of times, (one of the slowest unorganised crossing we^ve both ever encountered!!) two nights in Chile and crossing back through a City called Neuquen, which were positive we were the only blancos out of a population of more than one million, then on to the now infamous Buenos Aires.

Three days and more than 40 odd hours in transit but we both agree that trekking Villarrica and finally looking down into the spurting, glowing lava and inhaling the eye-watering lung-killing toxic gases made the journey more than worthwhile!

Dave & Mik
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