Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Contemplations from BA

I am currently sitting in the Clan hostel in BA in a pit of contemplation the likes of which I have never delved in before. I do not know quite what has happened but a few weeks largely relaxing at the end of this trip have put my mind in a state in which I am happy to tackle issues one usually does not dare more than glimpse at. I am not quite sure where this is heading but it is putting my mind to more personally productive use then ever before. Pensive hours seem to be tackling two very different areas of thought that are intrinsically linked in one's search for contentment. On one hand the practicalities of day to day happiness/contentment. Only you can work out what things matter to you. When an issue should concern you and when you should just let it pass by. These issues are relatively straight forward when you get down to your base and work from there. I am though finding it requires more personal honesty then the world we live in usually requires. The second distinct area of thought concerns the BIG imponderables that I at least can only truly begin to fathom when my mind is clear. Travelling allows comparably easy visions and insights into the unknown. Some things you see are so strikingly beautiful that a truth, a clarity can emerge, if only for an instant and this occurs without effort. But what I increasingly see is that the same insight is possible whatever we are doing if we only make ourselves the time and breath to observe it. In fact observation may not be the best word, more an insight to vision. This may not make sense to anyone who reads this but for me as this wondrous trips winds to its inevitable end, such thoughts are changing me, going some way to completing me, and I think all for the better. I am no longer prepared to go through the short life I have ignoring the big topics and issues that constantly play around in the back of my mind. I am going to do my best to tackle them to my own satisfaction and you know what... I think I might just be getting there!!!!!!
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