Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Our Own Private Island

We woke up almost early and faffed around town purchasing significant supplies before jumping on a lancher (it may or not be spelt like that but is effectively a speed boat) out to some very interesting little islands. The first we arrived at was the very one on the wall in the Black Sheep. A crazy little shanty island barely 100m across. This is surrounded by some stunning tropical islands and, to my remembrance, three strange huts sitting out on the sea all by themselves.

We were heading out blind to be honest and after much slow negotiation (this is the Caribbean after all) we managed to commandeer one of these strange huts all to ourselves for a night for less then a tenner each (pounds of course). So after a very interesting trip to the shanty island (I really can not stress enough how odd it is to have a little piece of shanty in the middle of a holiday brochure type vista) where we bought further supplies and Cali shirts ("cali-cali-cali") we set down for the evening all on our lonesome (OK we had a meal delivered to us by boat).

The sunset that ensued over the sea will stay with me for the rest of my life. Truly, remarkably spectacular. It went through so many stages from the golden ball descending vividly below the horizon, a sky of starkly clashing colours of blues, reds, oranges, and yellows to name just some that splashed across the lightly clouded sky and, when the sun had disappeared, the unforgettable blood red sky that took my breath away. It left me with that inexplicable spiritual feeling of connection and light of understanding juxtaposed to feeling minute and too insignificant to truly contemplate what this life and being is.

That set up the scene for an incredibly chilled out evening of discussion, laughter and eventually a surprisingly good game of chess with Dave.
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