Thursday, November 17, 2005

Got a bit distracted!

Hello there,

I have just realised that I have added nothing significant to this blog since entering this fantastic country - Colombia - and this micro update is a precursor to a more serious one while enjoying Carthena this weekend.

Basically I have made my way from the southern border to the northern Caribbean coast over 20 awesome days. Joining Colombians in what they seem to do best at weekends - partying in the cities - and seeing stunning natural sights in between.

Currently in a little seaside town called Tolu and about to head out to some interesting tropical islands - just hope the storms hold off and the sun shines - finally getting towards sunny season!!!

Updates on Cali x2, Medillin, Solento, St Agustin, Popoyan, and a very strange mud volcano will follow!
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