Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mont Blanc Reminder

A sensation brimming full of exhilaration and life. Rarely felt, but instantly linking in with all such times encountered before. It is that moment when you draw in a long breath of chilled mountain air, the snow-strewn slopes pouring away before you, jagged white peaks rising in front. Vitally, the adrenaline and sheer enjoyment of a couple of good runs has flushed out the edgy hangover which promised to ruin your day. The headache melts away. You are metaphorically and geographically on top of the world.
Hyperbole perhaps, but if you’ve been lucky enough to have experienced that sensation, you will know exactly what I mean. The key to it is the flip from feeling terrible to phenomenal in a short space of time, co-mingled with an adventure sport buzz and the humbling majesty of the surroundings.
Perched near the top of Mont Joux in the French Alps, I recently had such a moment. The backdrop provided by the expanive west face of Mont Blanc rising above the mists into an azul blue sky. Not bad at all. A stark reminder of why I am addicted to seeing the world. My reaction? Book a hell of a lot of holidays and get back to some proper travel. Hopefully I will have lots more to write about soon...
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