Monday, August 06, 2012

Olympics 6: Ladies Marathon

A quick one in both spectator and blog terms. Waking up from a late morning nap on Sunday, it dawned on me that the ladies marathon was coming to a close less than a mile from my house. We jumped out of bed (or in Christina's case as close to jumping out of bed as a 36 week pregnant lady can do) and strolled up Waterloo road to grab a piece of the action.  
We could tell we were cutting it fine as TV helicopters were circling the north bank of the Thames just west of Blackfriars. Stepping up the pace, we popped on to south side of Waterloo bridge just in time to see the leaders running past on the other side of the river. By the time we crossed the runners were coming through in larger numbers. Crowds were lining the streets and the top of the bridge from where we peered down onto the action. Striding athletes, a noisy crowd, flags galore and plenty of umbrellas. Fortunately for us a short heavy rain shower had dispersed the crowd enough to allow us to park ourselves with a good vantage point.
Each time an athlete ran by cheers would ring out, with particularly great receptions for the Brits and, of course, those bringing up the rear of the field. Before we knew it they, and the related mini burst of exhilaration, had passed and a renewed rain shower sent us scurrying back to the South Bank for some munch. Normal Sunday renewed.
Short, sharp, random and worth the effort. I will be sure to try and make it to the men's race next Sunday.
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