Thursday, July 26, 2012


After years of waiting it is finally here. In less then 24 hours the Olympic Games will be in London, my home town.

Tonight, I am but a little boy seething with excitement and anticipation. I spend half my normal life dreaming of jumping on a plane and exploring far flung lands, but right here and now there is unequivocally no place I would rather be than exactly where I am. Where I work, where I live, where I play. London.

It is a British trait to dwell on the negatives. As a nation we feel comfortable stooped in grey and far too many Londoners I have spoken to concentrate on the few detrimental, or potentially detrimental, aspects of the Games. Traffic, security, cost, nightmare journeys to work, rubbish ticketing system....etc. Some people go on and on. I just say sod them. The costs are sunk,  you can't spend your life worrying about whether some nut may or not try and blow himself up, if you really wanted a ticket you could I have got one (there are still some on sale now!), and, being British, we can put up with the odd queue.

The eye of the world is on this city. None less than humanity's greatest celebration of itself is back in London. The last time it was here Stalin ruled Russia, no one had a TV and my father was in the womb. The next time it comes I will almost certainly have fallen off this mortal coil. Let's just enjoy this wonderful one off opportunity!

Over the next two weeks, I will share a few experiences from the odd mish-mash of tickets I have managed to scrape together. From beach volleyball to taekwando, via hockey and athletics, a spot of heavyweight greco-roman wrestling, the odd bit of archery and couple of other events thrown in for good measure, I hope to pick up enough interesting experiences to savour and, just perhaps, make this blog worth reading.
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