Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Round the World and Back Again

What can I say to sum up three months on the road and around the world. Such contrasting countries and cultures? In the startling natural beauty of New Zealand and Australia, vibe of Brazil, attitude of Argentina, warmth of Fiji and Uruguay and, amongst many other things, quirky humanity in Japan, I have discovered so much more of the world.

I hear some people say they are "over their travel bug" or have "been there, done that". I would not be as presumptuous as to say they are wrong, but I just can not understand them. The world does not offer many better things than itself and the opportunity to explore so much of it is a gift beyond measure.

It has been a particular pleasure to share this trip with Christina. Seeing the world through another's eyes gives perspective and contrast to the inspiring, compelling and depressing things we see.

The challenge is to remember the lessons you learn and take the warmth of those you've met into your day to day life without the loss of clarity that monotony and familiarity can bring.

Until the next trip...
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