Monday, February 02, 2009

London Tamed

Simply bliss. All it takes is a couple of feet of snow and one of the pre-eminent cities of the world grounds to a halt. Today I trekked the 8km round trip into work through snow and sleet only to find most people “stranded” at home. No buses, minimal underground and reduced trains. Hundreds of people braving the streets with suits and umbrellas. Slipping and sliding in the slush.
A crisp whitening of the capital. The stuff usually melts on impact in this concrete jungle, but today it settled in a way I have not seen before. People with their camera phones capturing if not savouring. I skidded along the streets, throwing the occasional snow ball and sporting a grin - it felt great!
Leaving before the next blizzard came. A real “school’s out” feeling. Many grimacing against the driving flakes, others revelling in the novelty. A wake up from a normal life that often bores. Suddenly no one is talking of downtimes and credit crunch – wonderful.
By our flat, snowmen had sprung up. Many shapes and sizes. We discovered more than one group putting the final touches on this short term creations as the day darkened. No children among them, people reliving times past. We were proud of our own effort despite his malproportioned body bits and dodge smile.
Nothing like having your day turned upside down by one of life’s good surprises.

Wonder if I’ll be able to get to work in the morning.....

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