Saturday, March 04, 2006

An Introduction and a Half

My first 5 days in the sub-continent have proved extremely eventful and quite an introduction to the thrills and spills of this part of the world. On the down side I have spent the last 2 days in bed with stomach problems initially not even allowing me to hold down water and coming out of all ends. Not the most pleasant of things but all part of the experience. As this is my first trip outdoors in that time this will therefore be short.

On the other side of the coin Delhi and its people have utterly charmed me. From magnificent sites such as the red fort and Humuyan's tomb to bazaars and the strange feel of the colonial planned streets of New Delhi - I have loved it! Best of all was a large wedding we attended where we were guests of honour, treated like kings and made to feel so humble by simply incredible generosity of the people. More of that later. I do though fear that is where I picked up this Delhi Belly and therefore I will now head back for a final night's rest to kick it in the teeth.

Then north to Mohali and the second test!!!
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